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Riverwest Outdoor Enterprises has for over 12 years served Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin with the best in non-traditional programs and outdoor adventures. We specialize in programs that include Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Snowshoeing. We emphasize a respect for the wilderness as well as development of various outdoor and personal skills. We challenge our participants to try things they haven't done and think in new and different ways. Safety is a fundamental part of all Riverwest Outdoor trips and activities. We emphasize how to make intelligent decisions with the goal of minimizing risk in the wilderness.

We at Riverwest Outdoor Enterprises offer our participants a variety of opportunities for exciting non-traditional encounters with the outdoors. By developing interest in outdoor adventures, we feel we are providing a new dimension of education and recreational benefits to our clients. Participants learn to become self-sufficient, self-confident, and learn how to successfully cope with additional responsibilities. Finally, these activities always provide new experiences filled with fun, adventure, and challenge.

Contact us by either        Phone: 414-263-4877 or  email: riverwestoutdoors@gmail.com
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Whitefish Bay Summer Adventure Camps

Nicolet Recreation Department Summer Adventure Camps

Shorewood Recreation Summer Adventure Camps

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